Broyx Brand

Love for active lifestyle has always determined what we do. Sport is our passion and way of life – throughout the years, not only has it strengthened our bodies, but also forged our characters. It means conscious development, pursuit of perfection, and constantly overcoming one’s own weaknesses – no matter what sports discipline.

It is out of love for sports that we have created the BROYX brand, which is dedicated to other sports lovers involved in various sports disciplines – from street sports to winter sports. All our products are designed in Poland and comply with European standards. We find it important to support the local market; therefore, some of our products are manufactured in Polish factories.

We make sure that our products are fully adapted to the diverse needs and expectations of our customers. As perfectionists, we know how important details are – especially in sports, where precision is more often than not a critical component of success. Our products are created with extreme attention to detail when it comes to both workmanship and design. To this end, we use high-quality materials and join them in such a way to provide the users with ultimate comfort, which is a key aspect of dynamic sports disciplines.




Our offer includes the Broyx Alfa and Broyx Delta pollution masks, which have been tested for compliance with EN 149 and Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. This has given us EU type approval certification, which guarantees the appropriate level of protection in a polluted environment, in terms of both filtration and low breathing resistance.




The BROYX brand is developed by people who not only has very broad knowledge on sports, but are sports lovers at the same time, which translates into the high quality of the products we offer. When designing our products, we pay particular attention to such aspects as durability, comfort and safety – to achieve that, we combine precision with high-quality materials from proven suppliers. Our products are specifically adapted to the type of activity and the target group. We choose modern solutions that can meet even the most demanding user expectations.